garden paths
Garden paths, layout and basic rules for their arrangement
Methods for arranging garden paths One of the many classification options, which in our case will be
Can gardeners' equipped summer kitchens be demolished?
The summer kitchen at the dacha has a special role: in the hot season it is good
Creative curtains for the veranda or for the garden
How should curtains look for a country house? It is logical that curtains for a dacha should
How to make a convenient and practical canopy - options and varieties with photos and descriptions of installation stages
The local area always remains an implicit continuation of the living space of the house. During the period from spring to
How to make a roof on a house extension: making a pitched roof on a house extension with photo instructions
Options and advantages Gazebo attached to the house Gazebo type of extension differs from others
timber bathhouse
How to build a modern bathhouse from 100x100 timber with your own hands?
You can argue for a long time which bathhouse is better made of timber or logs. Construction of a bathhouse from timber
Pond at the dacha
Harmful algae in the pond, effective control of cloudy green water, blooming water in the pond!
Methods for cleaning artificial ponds Spring is the most important time of the year, because in addition to working on
Flower bed made of stones in a steel mesh
How to make a flowerbed from stones: examples, materials, types of flowerbeds
Many homeowners today are creating unusual flower beds in their summer cottages. Flowerbed made of mesh and
garden arch
Wooden arches: style of arched structures. Manufacturing and installation of the arch
Why are arches needed? From the photo of garden arches it is clear that this decorative element is very functional.
Corrugated polycarbonate for the roof - dimensions and photos
Types of roofing polycarbonate There are different types of polycarbonate for roofing. With this modern ceiling you can make
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